Dabin Lee

( Seoul, South Korea - Antwerp, Belgium)

Dabin Lee (1991, South Korea)
Contemporary art jewelry & Objects

(1991, South Korea) obtained her master's degree in Jewellery design, Gold- & Silversmithing from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp  (BE).  

As an artist she works around social problems and daily issues in our society that need more concern. Her bright, humorous and colourful pieces are based on her drawings that portray the everyday reality. In every piece a message is given to the viewer or participant by showing different stories behind the work. A kind of ‘double entendre’ which makes people realize and think about their own perception and opinion.  

“Today jewellery is more than a luxury object. My pieces contain a point of view on the modern society and the actuality we all share.”

Dabin’s goal is to reach out to help in these problems that are ongoing as we speak.

“I feel passionate when I hear people sharing their own opinions towards each other. The recognition of a problem is already one step towards solving it or trying to do something about it and adjust the situation in a positive way.”

Dabin Lee


2016-2018 MAF Jewelry Design Gold & Silversmiths Royal Academy Of Fine Arts / Antwerp (Belgium)

2012-2015 BAF Jewelry Design Gold & Silversmiths Royal Academy Of Fine Arts / Antwerp (Belgium)
2010-2011 Han-Sung University, Fashion Design / Seoul (South Korea)


2019 New York Jewelry Week, On canal 326 HQ / New York City (United States)
2019 Design Center Baden-Württemberg,  "designer in residence 2019”  /Stuttgart (Germany)
2019 Artist in residence at emma kreativzentrum final exhibition “What do you sea?” / Pforzheim (Germany)
2019 Group exhibition “Heavy Metal remixed” Galerie beyond / Antwerp (Belgium)
Group exhibition “Heavy Metal”
Galerie beyond / Antwerp (Belgium)
2019  Solo exhibition “Hello murder” Munich jewellery week 2019 / Munich (Germany)
2019 Group exhibition “SIX” Munich jewellery week 2019 / Munich (Germany)
2019 Group exhibition Marzee at FRAME - Schmuck 2019
IHM Internationale Handwerksmesse / Munich (Germany)
2019  “Collect” Saatchi Gallery , Galerie Marzee / London (United Kingdom)
  "Qade art fair 2019" Galerie Marzee / Rotterdam (Nederlands)
2019  “Hammer my jewel” Group expo , Galerie beyond / Antwerp (Belgium)
2018   X2 Selection Group expo , Galerie beyond / Antwerp (Belgium)
2018  Marzee For Starter, Brooch selection, Coda museum / Apeldoorn (Nederlands)
2nd edition Marzee For Starters, Coda museum / Apeldoorn (Nederlands)

2018  Marzee For Starters, KunstRAI / Amsterdam (Nederlands )
2018  Trippen - Munich jewelry week 2018 / Munich (Germany)
2018  Maezee at frame , Schmuck 2018 IHM Internationale Handwerksmesse / Munich (Germany)
2018  ‘Heroes’ - Galerie beyond / Munich ( Germany)
2018  Marzee For Starters "Qade art fair 2018", Rotterdam / (Nederlands)
2018  'Finest Selection' - Galerie beyond / Antwerp (Belgium)
2017-2018  Galerij Serge Scohy / Antwerp (Belgium)
2017-2018  Valkhof Museum (Beste Jonge Internationale Sieradenontwerpers) / Nijmegen (Nederlands)
2017-2018  Marzee For Starters Coda museum / Apeldoorn (Nederlands)
2017  'ToBe 2017' - Galerie beyond / Antwerp (Belgium)
2017   Paula Waters Joies , Joya Barcelona Jewelry Week / Barcelona (Spain)
2017   Antwerp Fashion Week Exhibition / Antwerp (Belgium)
2017  'Graduate Show(MAF)', Gallery Marzee / Nijmegen (Nederlands)
2017  Ma Graduation Show 2017, Salima Thakker- / Antwerp (Belgium)
2017  Schmuck Jewelry Week / Munich (Germany)
2016  Grand-Hornu Group Exhibition / Mons (Belgium)
2015-2016  Permanent 2016 Selection Gallery Alliage / Lille (France)
2015  The Melting Point 2015 , Gallery Alliage / Valencia (Spain)
2015  Beijing International Contemporary Metal & Jewelry Exhibition 2015 Bicmaja / Beijing (China)
2015  Joya Barcelona Contemporary Jewelry Fair / Barcelona (Spain)
2015  'Graduate Show', Gallery Marzee / Nijmegen (Nederlands)
2015  Ix-Graduation Show / Antwerp (Belgium)

2015  Schmuck Jewelry Week / Munich (Germany)
2014-2015  Touch Of Steel, Travel group expo / Solingen, Hanau, Brussels, Liege
2014  Interieur Kortrijk / Kortrijk (Belgium)
2014  Sieraad Art Fair /Amsterdam (Nederlands)
2014  It's Good To Be A Jewel! /Antwerp (Belgium)


2016 Arts & Crafts Design Award
2015  The Legacy Award For Contemporary Jewelry Award Alliages Choice


2019 Artist in residence at emma kreativzentrum / pforzheim (Germany)
2018-2019 Atelier Lachaert Dhanis, Internship-atelier assistant / Tielrode (Belgium)
2017  Gallery Beyond, Internship / Antwerp (Belgium)
2016  Heegui F/W 2016 Collection Seoul Fashion Week / Seoul (South Korea)
2016  Jennifer Dols 2016 Collection / Antwerp (Belgium)

Press And Publications.

2019  Autor Magazine “Beauty issue”
2017  Metal Magazine
  Alliage 2015
2014  A Touch Of Steel / Chrome Yellow Book,-Designers-in-Residence-im-EMMA-Kreativzentrum-Jury-hat-Stipendiaten-fuer-2018-festgelegt-_arid,1268012.html